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[ The communicator turns on like it should, yes--this is actually an accomplishment for the one operating it. Norway, who's only half listening to Iceland's instruction, is currently staring at the screen from an odd angle.]

"...and after you press the video button, it should come on. While this is on, people can actually see you."

"I know, I've seen the moving images on this. Still haven't seen my friends, though."

"...Well, they wouldn't be able to show up on something like this."

"They'll figure out how to get out." [Said matter-of-factly--almost disturbingly so. Anyway, Norway's a bit bored now. So he sets the device down on the head of the bed now, without turning it off. Norway and Iceland are both sitting on Norway's bed, an almost kitschy thing, painted in the colors of the Norwegian flag.]

[Iceland kinda didn't know that Norway had thought the nissene were in the communication device. Still, the words kinda made him almost speechless--it was different with Norway from a past time.] "...That's. Well, they're probably not in here."

"Maybe. This'll draw them out," [Norway says, pulling up a book, one of the sagas Iceland got from the item rain. It's already opened to a certain page.]"Like Njal's men, only there isn't a fire."

[Blinks, and Iceland's about to say something but he doesn't. He doesn't mind really, it's nice to hear the sagas read not just by himself when he wanted to take a look at them here. So, he nods.]

[Norway, despite not really understanding the communicators, knows that someone out there is probably listening right now. So, he's going to continue in English--that seems like it is one of the most common languages he hears from the devices]

'Will you' said Njal, 'take an atonement from my sons, or allow any men to go out from my house?'

'I will not,' answers Flosi, 'take any atonement from your sons, and now our dealings shall come to an end once for all, and I will not stir from this spot till they are all dead; but I will allow the women and children to go out.'

Then Njal went into the house, and said to the folk--

“All those to whom leave has been granted has to go out. So go out Thorhalla Asgrim's daughter, and all the people also who also may.'

Then Thorhalla said -

"This is another parting between me and Helgi than I thought of a while ago; but still I will egg on my father and brothers to avenge this massacre which is wrought here.'

"Go, and good go with you,' said Njal, "for you are a brave woman.'

After that she went out, and many with her. Then, Astrid of Deepback said to Helgi Njal's son -

"Come out with me, and I will throw a woman's cloak over you, and tie your head with a kerchief."

He spoke against it at first, but at last he did so at the prayer of others.

So Astrid wrapped the kerchief round Helgi's head, but Thorhilda, Skarphedinn's wife, threw the cloak over him, and he went out between them. Then Thorgerda Njal's daughter, and Helga her sister, and many others went out of the house.
But when Helgi came out Flosi said -

"That is a tall woman and broad across the shoulders that went yonder, take her and hold her.'

[Here Norway does something a little weird--he begins to gesticulate, pointing at the air in front of him with one hand. He's still absorbed by the reading, however.]

But when Helgi heard that, he cast away the cloak. He had got his sword under his arm, and hewed at a man, and the blow fell on his shield and cut off the point of it, and the man's leg as well.

Then Flosi came up and hewed at Helgi's neck, and took off his head at a stroke.'

[And then he looks to Iceland.] "See? It's important to come out at the right time."

"Well, of course. Some people just don't use their head." [That was possibly a joke Iceland just made.]

[Norway moves closer to Iceland a little, like he is going to sling his arm around his shoulders.] "Otherwise you lose it--"

[The video cuts off.]

[ooc: Light blue text is Iceland, dark blue is Norway.

The excerpt is from one of the Icelanders' sagas.]
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