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 [The camera seems to be positioned in such a way that it's showing the snow falling outside the closed room in the apartment.]

I guess it can snow in a place like this after all.

 [Then it shifts to him.]

...Anyone know where Danmörk is?
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[So now Iceland's living over at Denmark's and Norway's -- although, he notes that Norway's absent is because of some silly contest Poland and Denmark appear to be having now. Still, he makes do, since apparently Lithuania's a 'good cook'. But from his experience with seeing the other he's seen the other's not quite...strong willed in voicing his opinion. So he supposed that could become a problem. Especially when one's around Denmark. Anyway, Iceland had not realized the communication device was set to video but he doesn't think it matters--basically it was just filming him looking out one of the windows most of the time. Sorry, he's not that exciting. Then the view then has a nice view of the ceiling, of which there is a green mistletoe upon it.]

... I don't remember putting this up here.

[Alas, he knows it can't be taken down--after all, he isn't as tall as most of the Nordics, including his brother. What's the point of putting up a mistletoe in a place like this? Plus, the location of it was awkward for many reasons--he considers grabbing a piece of furniture or something to take it down.]
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[The screen is at an awkward angle, but then is re-aligned so that a male with white hair is able to be seen. His facial expression appears grave, as his eyebrows are knitted so that they are downwards, and he wears a semi-frown upon his lips. He then takes a step back so that people would be able to see more than just his face (he had been too close before).]

I would like to know who is in charge.

[Perhaps, the male hears a strange sound in the background -- maybe the sound of a creature that is not a human nor an animal, as he takes a look back at his surroundings before turning his attention back to the screen.]

Or better yet, where this place even is.

Hopefully, I am not wrong to believe that others live here in this ... mess?

[A gesture of his hand towards the general mess that would happen to be the city.]

If so, I will ask you to point me in the direction of the nearest...safest exit. I hope that wouldn't be too much to ask.


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