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Basically a 'how's my driving' thing -- especially since I'm gonna be rping Iceland for the first time here. >>;
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I figured I would get off my lazy butt and stuff to do this relationship chart thing this time around, ya know?

I have spoken all the languages of love... )
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[Hello, residents of Marshall of whatever number it is. Today, he will be bringing in a small heater and placing it near the door once he shuts it and is inside the apartment. He glares at the mistletoe, making sure to steer clear of it this time.]

Since everyone appears to be doing it and we all know it isn't Santa since he doesn't exist:


A way out of Discedo
A sword
Fish (Haddock, Cod, Salmon preferred)
More food

...That's all I can think of at the moment.

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You had better watch yourselves, because I will not be at fault for any mess you create. Take responsibility for your actions.
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[There suddenly appears a man with ghost white-hair with a similar grave-looking expression he had on like last time he had appeared in this terrible city. In that look, though, it is easy to gauge the disappointment within it.]

It is sad, but I'm back here in this city. It continues to look the same: decrepit, dirty, and depressing.

[The view of the pale man is then shifted to show the rest of the city in all of its horrible glory, moving along slowly catching the apartments and other terrible-looking buildings as well as possibly.]

Clearly, there has not been much progress or any at all. Tell me, did I miss much?

[He stops walking and the view is focused on one of the apartments.]

Because, to does not seem so.
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[There's the sound of a certain nation sobbing, and although he makes sure the video is not on it doesn't mean it won't record his voice, he is definitely sitting next to where Norway's body is. He hasn't moved from that spot in a while. There's the sound of something that was definitely thrown in the background against a wall.]

I hate this place...

[Iceland's voice, although very quiet, and upset, is heard.]

Why...why did you take him from me?!

[He can't think calmly like this, even though he knows his brother will come back it doesn't get rid of the feelings he has for family. It doesn't stop the tears from coming, it doesn't stop him from feeling pain, and it certainly doesn't stop him from reacting -like this-.]
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[The communicator tunes into Iceland, who is back in the apartment already from last night -- he was glad he had grabbed that bread from the bar when he did. He's once again staring outside the window, watching the violent storm outside. His appearance was normal, besides the red tint evident on his cheeks.]

...Seems like something is against us.

[He mutters under his breath, words scarcely being picked up on the communicator. Perhaps when he says this, he means more than the weather.]

This is not what we need right now...

[If Iceland is about to say more, nothing comes out besides a few coughs. So, he stands up, going to check on Norway, and shuts off the video.]

(ooc: I apologize for the new layout, but you know. more icons.)
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 [The camera seems to be positioned in such a way that it's showing the snow falling outside the closed room in the apartment.]

I guess it can snow in a place like this after all.

 [Then it shifts to him.]

...Anyone know where Danmörk is?
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[The video briefly shows Iceland, who sorta waves at the screen, who has just finished delivering the presents.]

Gleðileg jól...Merry Christmas.

[And then it cuts off.]

[ooc: i apologize for lateness but here it is! the presents were just delivered by Iceland himself--
bellandy - a picture of how she looks like in norse mythology (drawn by him only in pencil).
danmörk - red, used gloves and a clay beer mug.
noregur - a couple of short fairy tales (icelandic) on pieces of paper (which he wrote up), a worn stress ball, and a blue scarf.
fin + sví - a small clay toy that resembles a dog, and two red/white hats.
tetsu - a small, red long sleeved shirt.

the gifts are of course discedo quality, although iceland tried his best on the presents that were made by himself.
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[So now Iceland's living over at Denmark's and Norway's -- although, he notes that Norway's absent is because of some silly contest Poland and Denmark appear to be having now. Still, he makes do, since apparently Lithuania's a 'good cook'. But from his experience with seeing the other he's seen the other's not quite...strong willed in voicing his opinion. So he supposed that could become a problem. Especially when one's around Denmark. Anyway, Iceland had not realized the communication device was set to video but he doesn't think it matters--basically it was just filming him looking out one of the windows most of the time. Sorry, he's not that exciting. Then the view then has a nice view of the ceiling, of which there is a green mistletoe upon it.]

... I don't remember putting this up here.

[Alas, he knows it can't be taken down--after all, he isn't as tall as most of the Nordics, including his brother. What's the point of putting up a mistletoe in a place like this? Plus, the location of it was awkward for many reasons--he considers grabbing a piece of furniture or something to take it down.]
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[The screen is at an awkward angle, but then is re-aligned so that a male with white hair is able to be seen. His facial expression appears grave, as his eyebrows are knitted so that they are downwards, and he wears a semi-frown upon his lips. He then takes a step back so that people would be able to see more than just his face (he had been too close before).]

I would like to know who is in charge.

[Perhaps, the male hears a strange sound in the background -- maybe the sound of a creature that is not a human nor an animal, as he takes a look back at his surroundings before turning his attention back to the screen.]

Or better yet, where this place even is.

Hopefully, I am not wrong to believe that others live here in this ... mess?

[A gesture of his hand towards the general mess that would happen to be the city.]

If so, I will ask you to point me in the direction of the nearest...safest exit. I hope that wouldn't be too much to ask.
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